Recovering Hope Career Opportunites

We welcome candidates to begin the application process for our current job openings using the online application form provided below. If you are unable to apply online, we invite you to send your resume to . Please understand that while we cannot personally respond to every application, we will reach out if we need further information or decide to proceed with an interview. Thank you for considering employment with us.

Recovering Hope Treatment Center

2031 Rowland Road, Mora, MN 55051

Current Opportunities!


  • Director of Clinical Services
  • Mental Health Therapist Intern
  • OP Adolescent LADC
  • OP LADC 
  • Alcohol and Drug Counselor Intern
  • Daycare Teacher Substitute
  • Residential Advocate
  • House Advocate
  • Medication Technician
  • HR Assistant
  • Outreach Representative 

At Recovering Hope, we hold in high regard the distinctive contributions of each team member towards our clients’ well-being and the advancement of our organization. Our team is our greatest asset. Adhering to the guiding principles of collaboration, purpose, ethics, benevolence, and innovation, we cultivate a work culture that nurtures growth and healing. By unlocking the potential within each person, we collectively enhance the mission of Recovering Hope. We strive to create an environment that elevates the quality of life, fulfills individual aspirations, and strengthens the ‘Spirit of Transforming Families and Restoring Hope.”

How do you align?


We foster a collaborative environment where every voice contributes to our shared mission.

Purpose Driven

Our work is fueled by a clear purpose—to positively impact lives and communities through our actions and dedication.


Upholding the highest ethical standards is at the core of everything we do, ensuring trust and integrity in all our endeavors.


We embody benevolence by compassionately serving others and striving to make a meaningful difference in their lives.


Embracing innovation, we continually seek fresh perspectives and creative solutions to better serve our mission and community.

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