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Thank you for entrusting us with your referral. We strive to streamline the process for both you and your client, ensuring a smooth experience. To begin, please provide the client’s information, assessment (if applicable), and insurance details. Our admission team will then reach out to you and the client to coordinate the admission process.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Does Recovering Hope accept Medication Assisted Treatment Services?

Residential Program: In our Residential Program, we prioritize providing comprehensive care to women seeking recovery from substance use disorders. We offer Suboxone/Subutex as part of our medication-assisted treatment approach. However, due to logistical challenges within our rural community, we are unable to accept clients on methadone at this time. Nevertheless, we are committed to continuously improving our services and hope to integrate methadone treatment into our program in the future

Outpatient Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Program: In our Outpatient SUD Program, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our clients by offering flexible treatment options. We welcome clients who are on methadone or Suboxone, recognizing the importance of individualized care. While we do not provide methadone onsite, clients can continue with their current provider for methadone services. Additionally, our program includes medication management services, including the prescription of Suboxone, which is administered by our qualified provider

Does Recovering Hope Still Provider Medium Intensity 3.5 Level of Care?

Currently, Recovering Hope continues to offer Medium Intensity Level 3.5 care. We prioritize family services and firmly believe that this level of care enables women to reunify with their children and reintegrate into the community effectively. As the state still offers this service, we remain committed to providing it. Until we receive any updates or changes, we will continue to offer Medium Intensity Level 3.5 care to support our clients’ needs.

What if my client has a active warrant?

According to Federal Confidentiality Regulations, a warrant for arrest alone does not justify the release of confidential information. To ascertain if someone is present at our facility, a court order signed by a judge is required.

Does Recovering Hope take clients on commitment?

Yes, Recovering Hope does accept clients on a commitment. However, it’s important to note that Recovering Hope is not a locked facility, and clients are free to leave if they choose to do so. We require clients¬† to provide commitment paperwork prior to admission.¬†

Are there age limits?

For our residential services, we accept women aged 18 and older with no maximum age limit. Additionally, we allow one child, up to the age of 5, to accompany their mother during treatment.

In our outpatient  services, we currently offer Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and OP for all genders aged 18 and older.

Recovering Hope is excited to announce that we are looking to expand our services to adolescents this spring. Stay tuned for more updates!”

Does Recovering Hope have a Medical Team?

Recovering Hope provides a dedicated medical team for our residential clients, which includes nurses, LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses), med techs (medical technicians), nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

If my client is pregnant, what support does Recovering Hope offer?

Recovering Hope provides comprehensive coordination of care for pregnant women and collaborates with our local clinic to ensure exceptional care at our residential facility. We do ask that women in the 4th trimester provide their medical records to assist in coordinating care.

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